What is Sunday Best?

It’s a phrase that nearly all of us have heard. Many of us grew up with our parents saying it while dressing us up for church. Later they would implore us not to be so rumpled and untidy, reminding us to put on our Sunday best for other special occasions, too.

Whether for church, or for some other social event that called for looking our best, this idea is an important part of our culture. Wearing your Sunday best means putting on the best clothes that you have, to show respect or devotion. 

But where did this idea come from, and what does it mean, really?

Why Sunday

First of all, the idea definitely has religious roots. Although we don't really know who was the first person to use the term “Sunday best,” it has to do with the fact that in most of the Christian world, people attend church on Sunday.

The idea that you would want to wear your best clothing to church has a complicated and somewhat murky history. According to some sources, it was Clement of Alexandria who promoted the idea of dressing “decently” to worship, back in the third century. Ever since then, opinions have gone back and forth about whether or not it mattered to God what people would wear while worshipping.

What’s Your Best?

It wasn't until the Industrial Revolution came along and different styles of clothing became affordable to the masses that it was even a popular issue. Before then, only royalty and other exceptionally wealthy people could afford anything other than the most basic clothing. For anybody else, “Sunday best” wouldn't have meant much more than just being as clean as possible.

But now, during the past two and a half centuries, it has become possible for people to have more than one set of clothing, including some that are considered better or nicer than others.  

For men, this has come to refer, most often, to wearing a button-down shirt and slacks, often with a tie and a suit, with a belt and dress shoes to match. 

Women's styles tend to allow more variety in style, but Sunday best almost always means a dress, or a skirt paired with whatever blouse best matches it.

Of course, there are always exceptions, and without getting into too much religious doctrine, one important feature of going to church is the idea of being unified with other worshippers, and not being judged for worldly things like the quality of one's clothes.

That being said, wearing your Sunday best represents a personal effort to show particular respect for God.

Dressing Your Sunday Best With Devitto’s

In the past, clothes that were considered nicer or fancier weren't necessarily more comfortable. In fact, the discomfort of those clothes is a common historical complaint. Some fashions, such as women's corsets, could be seen as downright ridiculous by our current standards.

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